Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It was the Best of Times...

34 dates
50 days
2 tire changes
1500 watts of mobile power
10 LCD screens
Free Pussy Riot
Time Lapse Photographs
Always under the speed limit
2 Bad hotel rooms
4 Worse hotel rooms
23 Crackheads in Wyoming
Fresh Mexican food
Fresh prescription painkillers
I was the only alien in Roswell
Hollywood up in smoke
Hi profile burlesque models
2 Tourmate reunions
1 Guinness cake backstage
Buying some meteors and minerals in Arizona
Defiling some skin in Denver
Two Stolen Laptops
One Stolen Suitcase
One Stolen iPhone
4 broken hearts
42 unmarked pills
53 bottles of Vodka
1 broken bottle of Vodka
42 bottles of bourbon consumed
2 bottles of bourbon remain
1 attempted Christian conversion
Hundreds of t shirts sold
Thousands of miles traversed
Millions of polarities reversed
4 Daleks, 3 Police Boxes, 1 vortex manipulator and about 10 Sonic Screwdrivers

Here are some pics and videos from the tour.











Special Thanks to all who documented and filmed any and all of which we included here.

ReGen especially.

You guys rule!!


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